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Parking Brake Failure Warning

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    Parking Brake Failure Warning

    So, this happened!! I got stranded as the brakes had locked on. After removing a few fuses the brakes released and I could at least move the car.

    Long and short, put it to a garage that is approved by my aftermarket warranty for assessment. They have advised that I need a new actuator with control unit - 3,880AED plus around 500AED in labor.

    The warranty company are saying it is not covered...

    Any suggestions? Does this seem expensive?

    Well done on attacking the car till you are free and winning over technology. Possibly the wort feature in my opinion on modern cars.

    Yes, buying a whole new actuator is expensive. About a $1000 is the average price. However, you sound to be a handy man and might be able to fix it or have the mechanic fix the actuator rather than buying new. Mostly the gears on the inside break.

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