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Need recommendations about new set of tyres

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    Need recommendations about new set of tyres

    Hello friends,

    So the time of tyre change for me has arrived, as the current tyres are worn out. There is still some treads left to them but I have noticed some blemishes on them like bumps on the sidewall and cracks. I took my car to a tyre shop and they confirmed the same.

    I have noticed too much road noise/rumble lately from the rear side, and it has only exacerbated in the last 2 months. It starts at 60KPH and beyond 120KPH becomes unbearable. I know this road noise can have more to it than just the tyres; like wheel bearing or maybe differential. But for now Im going for changing the tyres and hope if that helps.

    I have Michelin Primacy HP 225/50 R16 for now. I will stick with the same specs (and no RFTs) but need your help in getting the right tyre for me. Im looking for three things as key factors in deciding; ride quality/road grip, comfort and road noise.
    Here is my short-list. Please drop your recommendations and help me decide.

    Michelin Primacy 3
    Pirelli Cinturato P7
    Continental Premium Contact 5
    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

    I have read good reviews about Goodyear F1 but I feel as it is a performance tyre it might tend to produce more road noise. Correct me if Im wrong. I am getting a good deal with Michelin Primacy 3 and it has also punched some good all round scores.

    BTW I have a BMW E90 320i.


    320I ???? , I would go for some korean brand ( Komho - Hankook - roadstone ) . I know people says you can't go cheap with tires but yes those are not cheap .

    and no matter which brand you go for , they last for 2 years max in this country .

    this is my opinion .
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      Thanks Ehsan,

      One thing important that I forgot to ask earlier. Is it safe to put 225/55 R16 tyre in my car if the recommendations on the door side plaque says 225/50 R16?
      Does this 5% increase in the height makes any difference? Like any unnecessary load on the suspension or anything


        your speedometer will read about 6% lower than your actual speed ( i.e : speedmotere speed = 100KM/h , actual speed = 106 KM/h ) .

        if your BMW is GCC ( euro ) specs , then you are fine as all BMW GCC and european specs has 5% speed correction so you will be fine anyway .

        is 225 / 55 is cheaper than 255 / 50 ?


          Michelin is the best.

          I have Bridgestone S001 on my car these days. They are also quite good.