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E92 M3 ECU Re-Map advice

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    E92 M3 ECU Re-Map advice

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to know if there are any reputable tuners locally available in Dubai who can do a remap on my M3? My understanding is that it is far more effective to do a live remap on the car as opposed to just sending off your log sheet and having it done remotely by a tuner in another country.......

    I have installed a replacement drop in BMC Air Filter in stock air box and have some Turner Test Pipes arriving next week to carry out primary CAT Delete so would like to compliment these mods with a remap too. I am also looking to probably install an Akra Evo full exhaust system sometime in the near future too.

    Hope anyone can help and if anyone has experience with local ECU tuners please let me know.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


    Hello Jameel,

    I know of two tuners in Dubai and I am sure there are more.
    1- Need for Speed (Murat is the person)
    2- Chiptuning (Reichert tuning)

    I don't know how good are these tunes, but you always confirm by doing a 'before and after' dyno. Ask them to give you how much of an increase your car should get (in terms of whp) and if the numbers are not quite close, then you get your money back.


      speak to the guys at

      when it comes to BMWs they are the best speak to anyone of the guys and just tell them bruno from dubai referred me to you.

      i wanted to reply to this thread earlier but lost it somehow


        Thanks Bruno and Marielago for coming back to me.

        Yes I heard Evolve are the best when it comes to BMW so I will get in touch with them I think.


          Just stay away from a tuner called PP Performance in UAE. We had a local M5 blow it's engine due to extensive over fueling!


            Thanks for the heads up Designo.................that's why I am asking around.

            Don't wanna end up in one of these dodgy places where no one knows that they're doing.