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X5M E70 stage 2 tuning

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    X5M E70 stage 2 tuning

    i have recently installed akrapovic exhaust system on my E70 and now Iím planning to install downpipes with stage 2 tuning. But I have couple of questions. First, is there a downside to having this installed. For example will it shorten the life time of the engine or any of the engine components? Second, any aspect need to be taken for maintain the life time of the engine such changing the engine oil and filter every certain Kilometers. Finally my car is still under service and warranty, would this tuning wave the warranty.

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    Hala Mohíd , I have an E71 X6M with full FI exhaust along with the Dpís and a STG2+ HCP tune with burble .

    Any modification you make to an OEM setup will definitely effect your car , but knowing so will prepare you as your maintainace schedules should be more frequent and more focus on whatís directly affected with these mods ..
    the exhaust and dpís wonít hurt as much as the tune and the extra boost , in my case I found my self have to deal with boost leaks in and around the manifold much more often , you will go though coils much quicker as well and at least once you shall change the mighty injectors ;)

    This being said the reward after doing all this is very satisfying :) .. at least 130+ AWHP gain will get you to live the truck even more .

    I say DO IT [emoji83]

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