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    New BMW X5 Owner

    Hello all

    I am the second owner of a used 2010 BMW X5 M look bought in Dubai. I bought it with 105000 km on the clock and i have the scheduled service inspection sign on to take it in for a visual inspection. In reading some on this this is what i understand it to be the scheduled every 30000 km visual inspection to see what (if anything) needs replacing on the car
    I do not have a previous service history but the car looks and drives very very well and it looked very well looked after.
    I want to ask
    I have taken the car in for a quick inspection to a mechanic and he said i should do the major service change spark plug, tranny oil, oil and air filter and a/c filter. I asked him if that is standard procedure and when the major service interval for this X5 and he said 100000 km- i waas not very convinced of his answers and justification so i left

    I then called a more specialised bmw workshop i found online and they suggested spark plugs need changing every 150,000 km and everything else is on a per usage and condition basis therefore booked in on Saturday to let them do the visual check and advise
    I guess my question is does anyone know about this sort of mileage what needs to change on the X5 and can one fairly competent DIYer carry most of the tasks out. I have owned a jeep wrangler for most of my life about 22 years and have always carried out all mechanical work on it myself including maintenance. i know the x5 is no wrangler but i am sure i could potentially change spark plugs etc but then on the tranny side without a ramp i would struggle changing it and i m not sure if i need to drop the whole transmission cover and change gaskets etc
    Could anyone give me some insight into the service internval and components to look out for as well as any recommendation of an honest and good workshop as i am getting a lot of "give me all your money and dont ask any questions" type answers from certain workshops.

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