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2011 NAIAS: ZF launches 9-speed transmission

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    2011 NAIAS: ZF launches 9-speed transmission

    At the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, ZF announced their latest and greatest transmission, a 9-speed automatic gearbox. The 9-speed concept was introduced for the first time at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show and it is scheduled to go into production this year at the Greenville factory in South Carolina. Our own Hugo Becker will have a detailed report on this in the upcoming days, covering the technology and engineering behind this new gearbox.

    For now, here is the press release from ZF:

    Under high pressure – ZF is working on the development of new fuel-efficient transmission generations. The latest innovation: an entirely new automatic passenger car transmission, developed with 9 gears for vehicles with a transverse engine.

    Already at the IAA 2009 (International Motor Show) in Frankfurt, Germany, ZF presented a concept study for front-transverse transmissions which has entered serial development now. Approximately 80 percent of all passenger cars worldwide feature a transverse engine installation. ZF is developing a state-of-the-art automatic transmission for this type of engine installation, which will significantly improve fuel economy. All around the world, new customer segments will be conquered with this transmission. Transmission production has been scheduled for Greenville, SC, USA.

    Fuel economy and increased performance

    With its 9-speed automatic transmission for vehicles with transverse installed engines, ZF will once again establish a benchmark in terms of fuel consumption. Compared to today’s standard 6-speed automatic transmissions for front-transverse design, ZF’s new 9-speed automatic transmission clearly improves both driving performance and fuel economy. The modern shock absorber systems in the torque converter, which make a rapid lock-up of the converter clutch possible, also mean better fuel economy and lower CO₂emissions.

    Just like the 8-speed automatic transmission for longitudinal installation, the new 9-speed front-transverse transmission ensures that the extremely short response and shifting times are clearly below the threshold of perception. This means that double shifts and direct multiple gearshifts are also made possible. Thus, the new transmission system is equipped with the same ‘sporty genes’ as already its 8-speed automatic transmission predecessors; in conjunction with the excellent shift comfort characteristics, they certainly entail ultimate customer satisfaction.
    Source: bmwblog


    7 is more than enough for me. You want to go more, why not just use CVT??
    Satisfaction can also be spelled: B.M.W

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      holy crap! a bit much!?

      Something EVIL is brewing... :///M:

      Cry havoc... and let slip the dogs of WAR!!!


        I think it shall not work. I hope I am wrong.

        The 8 Speed transmission itself, is confused in city driving on which gear to select.

        Has anyone driven the Lexus IS F. Ive hers it surrers from the same problem.

        9 speed gearbox shall always be wondering which is the right one to engage.


          7 Speed Gearbox is more than enough for Fuel economy I think...

          Need more fuel economy ? Go with the CVT ( Continuous Variable Transmission ), and it's smoother !

          But that's great from ZF of course !
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            any way i hate automatic


              Originally posted by Abu 3ali View Post
              any way i hate automatic
              :iagree: :D

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                3 too many.


                  Originally posted by Ayham View Post
                  3 too many.
                  + 1



                    so at 100 kph rpm is at 500 ?? :P


                      Originally posted by Mustafa K. View Post
                      so at 100 kph rpm is at 500 ?? :P
                      I don't think so.

                      But I do believe that it would be at around 1000 RPM at 120.

                      I don't think it would shift into the 9th gear below 120.



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                          i think it will divert ur attention from driving cos ur concentrating on the gears when driving in manual mode