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    Future BMW model information - Rumour mill

    This post contains information about future production plans compiled by Bimmerpost through various leaks within the BMW organization. It is continuously updated: new research is added, and everything that becomes official is deleted.


    Moderator: Items scheduled to happen in 2021 are highlighted in blue.


    Can you guarantee that all of these models will come to market?
    - No.

    Can you tell me where you found this info?
    - No.

    Expected SOP dates for new models:

    - This list is updated every time a new SOP is learned or the new models are officially released.
    - Models coming to US in bold.
    - Dates not guaranteed to be exactly correct.

    July 2021:

    G22 420ix, 430ix (not in US), US M440i
    G23 430d, 430ix, US M440ix
    G26 420d, 420dx, 420i, 430i, M440ix (incomplete, will be updated soon)
    G80/G82/G83 M3/M4 Competition xDrive
    I20 iX xDrive40, iX xDrive50

    August 2021:

    G42 220i, 220d, 230i, M240i

    November 2021:

    G23 M440dx
    G26 i4 eDrive40, i4 M50
    U06 218i, 220i, 223i, 218d
    G30 Alpina B5
    G30 Alpina D5
    G31 Alpina B5

    March 2022:

    I20 iX M60
    G26 430ix
    G28 i3 L's (China)

    July 2022:

    U11 X1 (models tbd)
    G70 7er (models tbd)

    November 2022:

    G81 M3 Touring Competition xDrive. (Or is it M3 Competition xDrive Touring? Or M3 Competition Touring xDrive? These days - no one knows.)

    December 2022:

    G87 M2
    • G87 M2 will be available with a manual and an automatic.
    • Most options will be the same as G80/G82, and I don't see much of that decontenting that was done with the original F87 compared with F80/F82. Though ceramic brakes and bucket seats seem to be missing, all the drivetrain and suspension things are the same as G82, and even carbon roof will be an option.
    • The wheels will be 19" front and 20" rear, G87 specific design.
    • The first four months of its production will fall into the "M 50th anniversary" period so expect the initial run to become somewhat collectible.
    • And the new dashboard will be standard from day one.
    EOP dates for current models:

    F36 4GC - 06/21
    F22 2er - 06/21
    F87 M2 - 06/21
    F23 2er - 10/21

    G12 7er - 06/22
    F48 X1 - 06/22
    I01 i3 - 06/22

    G30 5er - 06/23

    G31 5er - 02/24
    F39 X2 - 02/24
    G32 6GT - 06/24 (US EOP was 06/19)
    F40 1er - 06/24
    F44 2er - 10/24
    G01 X3 - 10/24 (LCI SOP 08/21)

    G08 X3/iX3 - 04/25 (LCI SOP 09/21)
    G02 X4 - 06/25 (LCI SOP 08/21)
    G14 8er - 06/25
    G15 8er - 06/25
    G16 8er - 06/25
    G07 X7 - 07/25 (LCI SOP 08/22)
    G29 Z4 - 10/25 (LCI SOP 11/22)
    G20 3er/G80 M3 - 10/25 (LCI SOP 07/22)

    G21 3er - 06/26
    G05 X5/F95 X5M - 07/26 (LCI 04/23)

    G06 X6/F96 X6M - 03/27 (LCI 04/23)
    G22 4er/G82 M4 - 06/27 (LCI SOP 03/24)
    G23 4er - 10/27 (LCI SOP 03/24)
    G09 X8 - 11/27

    G26 4er - 06/28
    I20 iX - 06/28

    U11 X1 - 06/29
    G70 7er - 06/29 (LCI SOP 03/26)
    G42 2er/G87 M2 - 07/29 (LCI SOP 04/25)

    U06 2er - 10/30
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