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The BMW M3 Touring (G81) - First ever production M3 touring

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  • Wazif
    Originally posted by RAFiK View Post
    This thing is hot!!!
    The hood is missing the power dome, but it now incorporates the "double bubble" type design. I think its going to look very aggressive once the camo comes off.

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  • RAFiK
    This thing is hot!!!

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  • The BMW M3 Touring (G81) - First ever production M3 touring

    • The first-ever BMW M3 Touring
    • 6-Cylinder M TwinPower turbo engine
    • Five doors and a highly variable luggage compartment
    • M DNA in a Touring model
    • Development test drives start in August 2020

    Looking at these spy photos is frankly surreal. One day we report on a rumor, the next BMW comes out with an announcement, and a couple of weeks later we have the test prototype. It's looking ready for production, even though this car isn't supposed to come out until 2022.

    Getting back to the prototype at hand, we couldn't help noticing the number of potential options it's got. Golden calipers mean high-performance brake, on top of which we see some oversized wheels. They look nice like they were stolen from an M4 GTS, but maybe the tire is a little thin for family car use.

    Around the back, the aero package has been enhanced, and it's easier to gauge the widened hips and track. And what about that front end? Yeah, even the RS4 can't mess with a grille like that. And it shouldn't since the M3 Touring will be monster.

    A few months ago, we watched a drag race between the RS4 and an M340i Touring, which has about 100 horsepower less than the least powerful new M3. The Bimmer was winning hard off the line, so the 444 hp quattro model will be in a world of paint two years from now.

    As a reminder, we recently learned recently that BMW won't have xDrive AWD for the M3 and M4 until the summer of 2021. However, the M3 Touring will debut later than that, so it should be fine.