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    My Beast Evolved

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sal on his visit to Dubai this week and I got the chance to pick his brains with all the questions I had about the M5. I was very surprised with his vast knowledge about cars and BMW's in particular. I expected him to be very good in tuning cars, but never thought I would ever meet a guy with as much in-depth knowledge about every aspect of what makes an engine produce more power and torque. At the end of the meeting, I wasn't sure if he was a better tuner, engineer, or developer, all I know is that it was like having my own live BMW wikipedia.

    I have cams and headers on my car and had another tune on it and always thought that it was very fast. I never thought of ever remapping it because I never thought that anyone could squeeze more power out of it. But, I was so impressed with Sal's knowledge that I could not wait for him to have time to tune my car. That time came today, Sal first drove the car and complemented the cars low end torque, but quickly noticed how it was flatting out towards mid to high range. His first comment was that the cam timing needs to be adjusted. After his test drive, he downloaded my original file and asked me to have a seat while he went through all the tables and graphs with me. I would have paid money just for that session alone. He made sure that I understood how things worked, and what changes he would do, and how that would affect the cars behavior. The biggest modification that was made was the one to do with the vanos to control the cam timing, which was the first thing he mentioned when he drove my car. He also tweaked a number of other tables , plus added sports mode memory, SAP delete, and all other goodies.
    Now I know everyone is going to ask for a dyno test, and I would have gotten one except for the fact that I didnt do a baseline run, and more importantly for the way the car ran after the tune. The car was a totally different beast pulling hard all the way to 7250 RPM's in any gear, and went through the RPM's so fast that I hit the rev limiter twice while intending to shift below 7k. It really put a big smile on my face, I could not believe I thought my car was fast before getting the evolve tune. It was simply like driving another beast, car truly evolved. Next will be the Alpha-n upgrade.
    I am very fortunate to have meet Sal in person, he is extremely good at what he does and more importantly, he is a great business man. During our conversation, it was very clear that anything evolve sells is well tested and adds value. That is why the intake for our cars is taking time, he did not want to cut corners with quality and make a quick buck. He would not put his name behind anything unless it works as advertised. And, he is thinking long term, not make money now and who cares later. He wants to make sure that customers are happy and will come back again. We are also fortunate because even after Sal goes back to the UK, we can just visit DAS Autoworks for any evolve products.
    '00 BMW :///M:5 Alpine White

    Evolve stage 3 ECU tune
    Schrick cams
    Hamann Headers (High temperature coated inside and out)
    Custom made exhaust (cat delet)
    KW Coilovers V3
    WP Pro BBK (360 mm rotors, 8 pot calipers front, 6 pot calipers rear)


    Welcome to the bright side of life!


      Hi guys,

      I too have had a Evolve remap session yesterday and had a really positive experience.

      Ditto for everything that Alquazi said about Sal and the process - a very informing and reassuring session with Sal talking about the maps modified, why they were modified, and why they were like that in the first place resulted in a much better understanding of the benefits of undertaking this sort of process and what sort of real world changes to expect.

      Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to stretch the cars legs yet to allow the OEM adaptive software maps to get familiar with the altered maps new settings - I was doing my first power run after filling up and came across a highway patrol convention half way to Abu dhabi. Will get out somewhere quiet and undertake some full rev range WOT runs and then make some comments.

      Anyway, many thanks Sal for the process and many thanks Ayham for making it happen. I'm keen to go Carbon intake and Alpha N but will see how strong my rationalisation skills are in terms of justifying it :)

      Will come back with performance feedback over next few days.



        i have met Sal with the Presidente and i have to say this guy is a walking and talking wikipedia, such knowledge can be rarely seen nowadays, especially in this part of the world!! I already have 4 cars lined up for him to work on..Sal also has the greatest personality and is very easy going .. a lethal combination of a perfect businessman, i wish Sal all the best and i am certain he will have a great contribution to this part of the world

        thank you Ayham for synergizing with the best of the best , i am forever greatful ..
        2002 1975 white
        E9 3.0 1975 green
        E12 528 1980 white
        E21 315 1982 red first owner
        E21 320 1979 yellow
        E23 745i 1982 red
        E23 733i 1979 white
        E24 635csi 1989 blue
        E34 M5 3.8 1993 red
        E36 M3 Cabrio 1995 dakkar yellow
        E46 M3 Cabrio 2003 silver

        All current rides, yet few missing, more to come :bmwfan:


          looks like everyone is impressed to Sal and DAS
          I am the Japanese spy in the BMW club :joking: :D


            have we inflated you're ego yet Sal?! hehe... it truly was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to the next sheesha :) I'm going to go ahead with ur suggestions for my beast... just waiting on the cash to do so... will keep you posted on how that progresses

            Something EVIL is brewing... :///M:

            Cry havoc... and let slip the dogs of WAR!!!


              Hi kids,

              Just thought I'd update you on how the car felt after the tune.

              Sal's parting advice as I left the DAS garage (beside telling me to fill up the bloody tank and get a day job) was that I'd need to effectively "run the car in" for a while in order for the "interconnectedness" of the multiple and overlapping maps to recognise and stabilise themselves in regard to the tweaked cam, ignition and fuel maps. Yuck. I hate running in.

              For those that have done it before, normal "running in" is painful and generally involves impersonating a caravan and dawdling along a country road with a sign in the back window stating "Sorry - Running in". The evolve "running in" process constitutes pointing the car at the nearest horizon with a direct bitumen connection and doing repeated power runs at Wide Open Throttle - much more entertaining and, in the name of science, I made sure I did a thorough and repeated process. I did this of course on closed roads.

              Getting back into the theory, my limited understanding is that the main differences Evolve apply to the E46 M3 Map are in WOT Fuel and Cam and Timing at the top end of the rev range - 5,000 to 8,200rpm. Additionally, timing is generally adjusted across the whole TPS/Load map and this will improve fuel efficiency in normal cruising, as well as sharpening up engine response etc.

              Once the car and I had come back from "running in hyperspace" we mutually agreed that there where clearly identifiable improvements in general motoring in terms of engine response across the rev range (although you'd have to have a finely tuned backside) but the biggest changes happen above 5,500rpm in the "go like F^&k" area of the rev range.

              My previous few cars have been a modified 911 Turbo and two RS4's (V8 and twin turbo Cosworth V6) (and I've also had a E36 M3 and another E46 M3) and the M3's always fealt super strong mid range (for a NA car) and then a little flacid in its top end compared to the Porsche and Audi.

              Sal explained and demonstrated this on the map and justified this "deliberate from factory" "top-end-out-of-breath" feeling for two reasons;

              1. to ensure safety of engines where fuel is bad and
              2. so there was a clear performance step from the M3 to the CSL.

              Good UAE fuel allowed for, market sector disrespect for the CSL ignored, and back in the real world, whereas before the M3 didn't fullfill its potential in terms of getting all high rev asthmatic on me, now it feels like its quit smoking as a new years resolution, has lost some weight and bought some snappy new clothes. Very clear difference.

              It won't run a 10s 1/4 mile but it's noticably sharper, faster and quicker to wind around the tacho and light up the shift lights, and for that I'll give it a big thumbs up on the bang for bucks - particulalrly in the "where should I spend my upgrade cash" stakes.

              Onerudeman score = 10/10. I recommend that you buy this way before an illimunated gear stick or fluffy dice.

              I'm not going to thank Ayham and Sal again - theres too much smoke been blown up their respective rear ends already.

              Happy new year guys.



                Hi Guys,

                Thank you all for your comments and I am glad you like the results from our services.

                It's also a pleasure to meet those that actually understand what it is we do to the calibration and why it delivers the results.


                  Looks like I'm joining the club in the coming days , I can't wait for that .


                    Originally posted by evolve View Post
                    Hi Guys,

                    Thank you all for your comments and I am glad you like the results from our services.

                    It's also a pleasure to meet those that actually understand what it is we do to the calibration and why it delivers the results.
                    Mate, pleasure to meet you and i hope we will see you again soon in dubai. Was great to have a natter with a fellow brit about something very close to my heart ( e60 m5's) and i only wish we had met sooner before i sold her :( ... But i am sure i will get another bmw soon... Watch this space :)

                    E92 M3 2011
                    # White Angel Eyes # Carbon fibre Roof # Silverstone II Metallic with Full extended Red Interior
                    # H&R sport springs #19' APEX ACR-8 rims with P-zero tyres # Bimmertech Tv system
                    # Full IPE F1 Exhaust system all sections , with GINTANI burble tune

                    E36 M3 Evo Convertible 'me Jane'
                    # Manual 5 speed with Auto LSD 3.38 with Individual Magma Interior # BBS LMs 18 Rims with Chrome Lip
                    # UUC shortshifter & UUC aluminium Flywheel and E39 M5 clutch Kit # Long Beach Blue Metallic

                    E60 M5 'me Julie'
                    # Eisennmann Race Exhaust # Updated Rear Lights


                      Originally posted by shockerg1 View Post
                      Mate, pleasure to meet you and i hope we will see you again soon in dubai. Was great to have a natter with a fellow brit about something very close to my heart ( e60 m5's) and i only wish we had met sooner before i sold her :( ... But i am sure i will get another bmw soon... Watch this space :)


                      E60 M5: LCI OEM Tail Light, CF Front/Side Grill, Bright White Angel eyes"
                      E46-Sold: OEM MtechII, Eisenmann exhaust (2x83mm), Bilstein sport shocks, H&R sprot springs, 18” OEM rims (F:225, R:255), M3 auto folding/heated mirrors, clear (LEDs tail lights/corners/sides), Orion V2 angel eyes, Xenoflo HID bulb (6000K) low beam, CF (interior/knob/steering wheel trim/doors handles/grille), Alcantara (gear boot/hand brake)


                        Great review. Very happy to hear everyone is enjoying their EVOLVE tunes just as much as I am :D
                        EURO 04 M3
                        Current Mods:GC DA's, Eibach Sways, PF RTABs, RE RCAs, INTRAVEE II + Alpine KCA-420i, Black Roundels, ///MFEST Badges, Depo Corners, M5 SMG Knob, Screen protector for OEM 16:9 display, VCSL: Bumper + Race Lip, CF Trunk, CF Diffuser, DIETZ TV in Motion, AP Headers, RT Cats, SS Res X-pipe, SS Race, Z8 Starter Button, Lamin-X, GM SMG Paddles, OEM CSL Steering, OEM CSL interior, OEM CSL Intake, EVOLVE Alpha-N Tune, BBS CH's, FX-R Projectors + 3k D2S, ST40's, DINAN Rear Strut Brace


                          well , you guys have left no words for me to express my experience with Evolve ( remap - Quality - and result ) , all I can say is I'm very thankful to Sal for the great effort he did on my car , the car is alive now ...

                          It was pleasure meeting you dude , and thanks once again for the retune .. it's amazing .


                            also I just wanted to add little important thing ,

                            DME adaptation reset is really important after the remap , if you know what I mean :D