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    just thought to give u r56 boys a quick heads up. if ur still running with the standard turbo diverter valve...CHANGE IT!! The stock diverter valve (recirculating/blow-off valve) was only manufactured to withstand 1 BAR of boost. This, however, is the stock boost level. But even though it was manufactured to withstand that kind of boost, it will still fail at one point or another. When it fails, the membrane inside of it tears. In other cases, the internals have been known to even fall apart. This has 2 consequences; 1 being that it will create a boost leak, and the far more dangerous 1 is that the debris can cause internal turbo and engine damage. luckily there is a solution...and it comes from VW. the same company makes the standard valves for the mini, peugeot, and citroen. the part number is 06F145710D and costs around AED350. just remove the stock diverter valve...pull out the internals and replace it with the internals of the VW unit.... u can find more details here:

    this is just a "cheaper" alternative. u could run the stock diverter valve and install a manual bov like an hks ssqv and everything would be fine. or replace the stock bov with something like the forge bov.

    the other issue is that for some reason (and noone actually knows why), sometimes simply replacing the stock valves internals with the vw internals works perfectly fine, and in other cases the new internals simply stay open, or closed. i had this issue and had to make an adapter to fit the entire vw bov unit.

    u gould do this by simply cutting the wires etc.....or u could make the adapter using some peugeot and vw parts...

    Parts Needed:

    6547QH - connector housing x 1 (come in packs of 3)
    6541G4 - connector x 2 (come in packs of 10)


    06F145710D - blowoff valve x 1
    1J0973722A - connector housing x 1
    000979133Α - connector x 1

    First get the new VAG BOV, it has a small circular bump on the flat face of the BOV, this needs to be removed so it will fit flush against the turbo. Use a knife to carefully remove it. also, the metal clips inside the holes where the bolts go will need to be removed. you will then also have to drill the holes a tiny bit bigger

    Then get the yellow VAG connector cable and cut it in half, cut back some of the sleeve. Trim a small section off if you want so the harness is shorter.

    Attach the PSA connector to the end of the cable, make sure the first metal clasp part fixes around the plastic sleeve of the cable so it hold the connector in place. Then fold the large push down clasp part around the bare copper. Make sure it is tight and neatly square.

    Push the other end of the cable into the VAG plug, keep pushing until they click into place and cant be pulled back out. Once in push the brown catch into the connector to hold them in securely.

    You can put some shrink wrap around the wires to give them some extra protection.

    Next push the PSA connectors into the PSA plug. Make sure you keep wire 1 on the VAG plug going to wire 1 on the PSA plug. They go in quite far so keep pushing them in until they feel firm.


    Remove the old PSA BOV from your car using a T Screwdriver, fit the VAG bov. Plug the connector in and your good to go!
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    You are not the first one to bring this up btw, I've heard it from other people with R56's. Thanks for the heads up.