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Red Engine Start/Stop Button for 3 or 4 series including M3/M4

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    Red Engine Start/Stop Button for 3 or 4 series including M3/M4

    Just got mine installed 2 days ago. Looks very similar to the new M5 G90 Red Engine Start/Stop Button:

    Here is mine:

    And here is the actual M5 button:

    Here is the Red Button by itself:

    Here is the Red Button fitted without the silver or red surround ring:

    This button fits any 3 or 4 Series and M3/M4

    I have 3 Red buttons for now

    and 2 silver surround rings and 2 red surround rings


    Red Engine/Start Stop Button only without the surround ring: AED 500

    Red Engine Start/Stop Button with the surround ring either silver or red: AED 900

    The price is fixed due to how difficult it is to source them and how much time it takes for them to be delivered.

    Call me on 0566677739

    Installation takes 5 minutes only. Got mine installed at AGMC although they gave me some trouble as it wasn't bought from them but I got it done eventually after speaking with the service manager. You can have it installed at any shop it's very easy

    Price dropped to AED 699


      New pics:


        Price dropped to AED 500


          The button is now with Shak from Octane Car Service so you can buy it from him and have it installed on the spot


            FYI, now the new BMW M3 CS comes with the Red Engine Start/Stop button. I guess BMW has been watching the threads in other forums how everyone is upgrading their buttons to the red ones :D


              Here's the installation guide:

              Red Start/Stop Engine Button Install Guide (BMW 2-7 Series F Chassis) - YouTube


                a fairly simple DIY :) ...thank you for the post.
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                F80 M3 - SilverStone

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                  Originally posted by Wazif View Post
                  a fairly simple DIY :) ...thank you for the post.
                  most welcome, they're with Shak from Octane Car Service now if anyone wants one